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A family business

We welcome you for almost 80 years in the Rue Cler. My grandfather Francis founded this business in 1937. He passed the torch to Jean, my father, who passed it to me later on.


Our shop was Julia's Child's favorite place to get foie gras, cured meats, fresh pork and other delicacies. We are also featured in Rick Steve's Paris guidebook.


During the 20th century, The 7th district and rue Cler have changed a lot (for the better) but the philosophy of our house remained the same: work on fresh and quality products with passion and dedication.


We are one of the last homemade deli in Paris.

Homemade it a trendy word we've been familiar with for decades.


Yes, we've won awards and medals over the years, best caterer in Paris in 2008, but what matters the most is your satisfaction and loyalty.



Blending tradition and modernity

We stay attentive to the new trends of consumption: Eating healthier, fresh and varied food.


Our goal is to blend tradition and modernity. At Jeusselin, you will not only find meat, foie gras and salmon, but also affordable and quality meals, soups, salads, burgers & and sandwiches.


To guarantee the very best I meet my suppliers every week in Rungis to select the best French products you can find.



01 45 51 22 74   37 rue Cler 75007 PARIS  JEUDI - LUNDI 9H-19H15 / DIMANCHE 8h30-13h 

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